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A typeface with no curves. The specimen is a single element – an editable name of the typeface, but not editable in the sense you might expect. Here, you can manipulate the points of the glyphs.

Published on 22 Jul 2020


Brilliant name for a 'clarendonesque on steroids'. The Specimen for 'Oi!' is littered with comedic touches and the design fully supports the loud brash intention of the typeface.

Published on 22 Jul 2020

Kale Sans

A stark, brutalist specimen. Large type, grey and black, sightly set explanatory text sets the tone for Kale Mono.

Published on 22 Jul 2020

GT Flexa

Where to start with this specimen!? As with many specimens for extensive variable fonts, GT Flexa's content is heavily focussed on explaining the benefits and design attributes. It does this wonderfully through illustrations, animations, and beautifully designed content.

Published on 21 Jul 2020


An unusual specimen of panelled animations. The strenth of the large type set against a single colour, give this lengthy specimen a simplicity inviting the user to scroll and scroll.

Published on 20 Jul 2020

Corundum Text

A workhorse of a specimen for a workhorse typeface. Darden Studio's specimen's, although templated, are very well designed. The type testers only appear when a use wants to investigate a particular weight or style.

Published on 20 Jul 2020


A delightfully illustrated specimen full of lovely detail. The stacked ice cream pots are particularly clever.

Published on 20 Jul 2020


Sentiel gets an update to Pro status. New fractions, ornaments, small caps and more. As always with Hoefler&Co's specimens, there is a clarity and purpose. Sections for design notes and characters support the highly practical overview page.

Published on 15 Jul 2020

Tome Sans

An 'approachable typeface with a professional demeanor', Tome Sans from Delve Fonts has a functional but comprehensive one-page specimen.

Published on 15 Jul 2020