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A light specimen for a delicate typeface. The unusual part of this specimen is the presentation of the opentype features. Each feature has a little slideout window showing the details of each.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Process' specimens are clean, simple, and functional. Large, full-width words in the range of weights is followed by a variable font tester just demonstrating one variable axis: weight. A more feature-rich tester is available under the 'try it' navigation option.

Published on 09 Jun 2020

Brandon Grotesque

This enormous specimen is crammed full of useful detail. Starting with the simple type testers, but it's towards the bottom of the page that the specimen documents intended context, and some of the typeface's key features.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Of course a specimen about a typeface called Greycliff should be all greyscale. A simple design with stacked images of the typeface in context.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Stacked images and animations tell the story of the design in this unconventional specimen. Of particular interest is the 'move me and play' panel inviting the user to move individual glyphs around on a black canvas.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Colourful, vertically stacked panels outline the features of Compressa before digging into details of the individual characters.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Developed as a personal exploration of the Variable font format, the Jabin specimen designed by Frida Medrano is a playful presentation of spiky forms and educational animations.

Published on 09 Jun 2020

Value Serif

Colophon's digital specimens all follow the same templated approach, but with subtle variation of the design of the full width panels.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Bungee is for 'vertical and multicolour typography'. The type-tester is particularly interesting in this horizontally scrolling specimen. It allows the user, through various parameters, to emulate the designs shown in the specimen and share them across Twitter.

Published on 08 Jun 2020