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There are many tihngs that users want that are not in this specimen: a list of glyphs, a type tester, features, language support. But, there are many specimens that don't deliver on what this one for Scilla does: beautifully typeset typographic illustrations demonstrating the beauty of the letterforms.

Published on 04 Feb 2021


Derived from an old letter from Garton Brewery, Bristol, Garton is a typerwriter-inspired monospace from Colophon. The specimen has a couple of notable features: the animated typewriter style example, and the great copywriting.

Published on 04 Feb 2021


A fairly standard looking specimen for a quirky typeface. The sense of humour is evident throughout, though, and works really well. I can't quite understand the replacement cursor illustration – but I like it!

Published on 04 Feb 2021


Optimo's specimens work really well and present their typefaces in a functional, yet pleasing, way. What works particularly well is the stack of preset typetesters, each with slightly different content.

Published on 03 Feb 2021


A really detailed one-page specimen for Resonay from Typemates. I may have outlined this specimen design before, but it works really well. Particularly as you move further down the page to how the opentype features and licensing information is displayed.

Published on 02 Feb 2021


Another brilliant specimen from Extraset building on their previous designs featured here. The new typeface, build, has various states of design, so this specimen is about walking the user through those states whilst transporting them with a Bauhaus style of content and photography. Really effective specimen, both functionally and aesthetically.,

Published on 02 Feb 2021