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Recursive Sans

An amazing variable typeface under development. Not just a typeface, but a 'typographic palette for vibrant code & UI'. Another specimen that tells the features and benefits of the font through interactive and instructional design patterns. Continually inviting the user to get their hands on the typeface, rather than passively observing.

Published on 07 Nov 2019

Chalet - House Industries

House industry specimens – whether in print or on screen – are always a masterclass in simplicity. Design-wise, they only show enough for you to make a decision. What I find refreshing about this specimen is the full browser width design with tiny type tester controls.

Published on 26 Apr 2019

Georgia Pro and Verdana Pro

Superb simple specimen for the web's favourite typefaces: Georgia and Verdana Pro. The best bit about this specimen? The text is all set in web fonts. And it's crystal clear and sharp as a result. Georgia Pro looking especially good.

Published on 08 Nov 2011