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screenshot of NewsSerif


The companion to NewsSans, NewsSerif's specimen is a simple presentation of type testers opening with a carousel of example designs. An often neglected, but in this case well done, is the buying options. Buying fonts can be confusing but this simple design makes things easy.

Published on 13 Dec 2020
screenshot of Werksatz v0.2

Werksatz v0.2

Sometimes a simple headline, a carousel showing some examples of usage, and a bunch of minimal type testers is just enough for a specimen. This example from Identity Letters for Werksatz shows what can be done with just a few simple elements.

Published on 09 Dec 2020
screenshot of Antique Legacy

Antique Legacy

A simple and efficient specimen for Antique Legacy from Optimo. Notable are the stacked type testers with different lengths of copy, but also the ability to change the sample text to a number of defaults.

Published on 09 Dec 2020
screenshot of Ellograph


An efficient specimen for Ellograph from Connary Fagen. Opening with an unusual type tester followed by some fabulous example usage designs. Shown full screen, these really do show off the font's features well. The glyph table below is a little small in comparison, however, and could use a large scale preview.

Published on 08 Dec 2020
screenshot of Hellvetica


Want to troll a designer? Just mess with the kerning. Although, maybe not as overtly as this wonderfully useless typeface. Playful, tongue-in-cheek, and why the hell not? Brilliant.

Published on 05 Dec 2020
screenshot of Monument Mono

Monument Mono

Dínamos specimens continue to surprise and delight and this one for Monument Mono is no exception. Playful, oversized user interface elements coupled with some introductory photography. Don't be fooled, though, this is a seriously usable specimen with stacked type testers and lots of detailed information.

Published on 04 Dec 2020
screenshot of Monotalic


A quirky typeface with a conventional specimen layout. That said, I was drawn to the scale of the type on show here. Just huge glyphs in the waterfall show off the design to its full potential.

Published on 04 Dec 2020
screenshot of Queens


Stacked type testers are the order of the day for this specimen for Queens. Shown full width, with minimal controls, the type testers give way to a few features at the bottom of the specimen page. All that aside, the notable design feature of this specimen is the UI for adding different weights to the cart. Clever.

Published on 01 Dec 2020
screenshot of VIRAL


Excellent copywriting for this fabulous display font. 'A collaboration between four designers/illustrators, this typeface is a recipe for quarantining in 2020: a dash of paranoia, a scoop of cabin fever, and 1,000+ glasses of wine.' The result has an Ed Fella flavour to it.

Published on 01 Dec 2020
screenshot of F37 Caslon

F37 Caslon

This specimen for F37 Caslon from foundry f37 strikes the right balance between form and function. Opening with extremely large type designed to show of the design features of the glyphs, the specimen is one of only a handful available that demonstrate the type working in comparative paragraph settings.

Published on 30 Nov 2020
screenshot of Gramatika


A novel design for the specimen for Gramatika, a custom typeface project for V-A-C Foundation. A notable, fantastic addition is the typesetting guide. Unfortunately, it's a PDF. it would be great to turn that content into a valuable microsite, I'm sure.

Published on 27 Nov 2020
screenshot of PolySans


Big. Simple. Straight to the point. The defining characteristic of this specimen is scale. It fills the available screen space from one corner to the other.

Published on 26 Nov 2020