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screenshot of Greenstone


This specimen for Greenstone from Sharp gets better the further you scroll. Past some basic evaluation components and stacked type testers, the specimen goes into detail of the design process.

Published on 06 Jul 2021
screenshot of Tartuffo


A bright specimen for Tartuffo. "This new font, the Tartuffo, is as bad-looking and bitter as the hypocrites in literary works". Check out the ligatures!

Published on 01 Jul 2021
screenshot of Denim


Displaay continue their templated specimens for their new release, Denim. A grid of carousels of example designs followed by a feature-filled type tester.

Published on 30 Jun 2021
screenshot of Lang Syne

Lang Syne

An efficient single screen specimen for Lang Syne from Arrow Type. Putting the type tester front and centre and using the pre-defined text as content – not just placeholder content – is something we should see more of.

Published on 29 Jun 2021
screenshot of Crabath


A good looking specimen of stacked large glyphs. Despite them being static, and not type testers, there are enough of them to get a good sense of the typeface in different uses.

Published on 28 Jun 2021
screenshot of Tetris Font

Tetris Font

This is weird, but fun, and extremely clever. An experimental specimen for a font where the letters are made from Tetris blocks. Not only that, but the specimen animates the building of them.

Published on 28 Jun 2021
screenshot of Izoard


The new release from atipo is a tribute to the famous Tour de France climb. The specimen for Izoard is a stack of designed graphics which demonstrate the versatility. It'd be nice to see some web fonts in a browser, though.

Published on 26 Jun 2021
screenshot of SKWAR


SKWAR is a very square, monospaced variable font with weight and width axes. The specimen has a very nice feature of mapping the width axis to music for a nifty equaliser.

Published on 24 Jun 2021
screenshot of Inter Samples

Inter Samples

Inter has been featured here before, but the samples page is something special. A LONG list of typeset examples showing potential usage. This mapping of features of the typeface to real-world examples is really useful in evaluation.

Published on 23 Jun 2021
screenshot of Wavefont


A variable font for waveforms? Why not! The specimen is super-simple with examples and sliders for the axes.

Published on 23 Jun 2021
screenshot of Figure


Fort describe Figure as a quirkhorse – all the makings of a workhorse whilst still bringing some quirks from a revival. The specimen hits all the right notes: designed examples, stacked type testers, and complete glyph table with previews.

Published on 18 Jun 2021
screenshot of Heheh Type

Heheh Type

This is a bit of a outlier but I thought it would be interesting to bookmark the use of Instagram as a specimen. Of course, it lacks critical features, but as an effective way to showcase images of the type in a curated way, it's pretty good!

Published on 16 Jun 2021