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screenshot of Playtype


Big. Type. but effective. The overlaid, layered, information panel is a useful and effective addition to the layout giving the appearence the user is scrolling an actual page of a specimen, rather than a web page. Subtle depth adding a subtle perception.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Leon Sans

Leon Sans

A geometric sans serif built using code to create animations. probably one of the better examples of kinetic typography on the web at the moment. Whilst this specimen site aims to really show what is possible, even with the simplist and most subtle animations, this typeface could be effective in many contexts.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Ēdìtørîaļ Něw

Ēdìtørîaļ Něw

A rich, immersive experience for a versatile typeface. The specimen reads like a book – and can be navigated as such. But the designers have given much attention to the experience of the passive scrolling user. Animations and transitions lead the user through each section inviting them to interact with the content in non-conventional ways.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Klarheit Grotesk

Klarheit Grotesk

Another specimen from Extraset. Presenting a wonderfully stark design, the specimen's biggest asset is the typetester allowing the user to explore the many alternate glyphs available for the font.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Nein (Beta) | Extraset

Nein (Beta) | Extraset

There's a lot going on in the design of this specimen. Opening with probably the largest type seen anywhere, the visual assault continues through panelled animations demonstrating potential use. That started with enormous type, ends with an enormous buy button.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Brut Grotesque – Bureau Brut

Brut Grotesque – Bureau Brut

A brutalist specimen for a brutalist typeface. The stark functionalism of this digital specimen mirros a PDF layout with minimal interaction.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Regina Black

Regina Black

Quicky specimen for a quirky typeface. Regina Black is a wonderfully expressive typeface that is demonstrated so well throughout the vertical panels on this specimen. With ample mouse pointer hijacking, and a limited colour palette, the specimen really injects a sense of fun.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Terminal Grotesque

Terminal Grotesque

Click to reveal more of this specimen. A fun little specimen for a free font.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Rosetta


New display typeface from Rosetta, Gridlite's specimen looks disarmingly simple. It's not until you use the type tester that the power and variation of Gridlite becomes apparent.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Liebling ליבלינג by Fontef

Liebling ליבלינג by Fontef

The specimen opens with it's most striking feature: modernist animations of letterform compositions. Each area is a simple typetester with controls activated on hover.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of Monoid


Simple specimen for a simple typeface. Monoid is an open sourcing coding font. The specimen's features are a coding preview area to test various language rendering. This show's real empathy for Monoid's intended audience; they need to see the font in the language they use the most, in a theme they use the most.

Published on 01 Jul 2020
screenshot of FF Mark

FF Mark

Another page-based scroll-hijacking specimen, but in a good way. The overlay section – showing the different weights overlaid a weight of your choosing – is particularly well done.

Published on 01 Jul 2020