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What struck me about this specimen was the type tester. Most testers are quite lightweight; allowing the user to change weight and size, but that's pretty much it. Acumin's tester goes one step further in presenting a simple two column layout with a headline, a subhead, and some body copy. Allowing the designer to not only change the weights and sizes, but to do so in a limited (unbreakable) context.

Published on 21 Apr 2020


A brilliant specimen. Full of little controls, icons and widgets to play with that alter the appearance and content.

Published on 21 Apr 2020

Affogato, A Friendly Sans-Serif Typeface

Unusually, Affogato leads with a glyph table. Normally this kind of detail is left to the end of a specimen – almost an after thought, unless presenting a comprehensive set of stylistic alternates, or particular support of unusual characters.

Published on 21 Apr 2020