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This specimen for Eliza is notable for the graphic explanation of opentype features and support in addition to the detailed and categorised glyph set. The purchasing flow is interesting opening up drawers of content from the site's horizontal navigation.

Published on 13 Oct 2020


A new typeface from Fontwerk. Case is a modern Neo-Grotesque made for the new Twenties. The specimen's subtle use of photography of found objects or urban textures works nicely with the content. The information architecture of Fontwork's specimens work really well in guiding the user down to more detailed information.

Published on 13 Oct 2020


A lovely hand-written font with some clever additions detailed in the specimen. This typeface has emoji conversions, double underlines, and also some delightful scribbling-outs. The specimen itself is a stacked set of type testers sitting below a carousel and some brief editorial.

Published on 08 Oct 2020