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Happy Times at the IKOB New Game Plus Edition

I'm not sure where to look on this specimen for – and, yes, this is it's name – 'Happy Times at the IKOB New Game Plus Edition'. The scrolling, the pink, the competing hierarchy, the million type sizes. It shouldn't work. It really shouldn't. And yet...

Published on 10 Feb 2021

Filip Matějíček

There is something pleasingly simple about this specimen. Just a typetester with predefined pangrams at three different sizes navigable with toggles for three different weights. That's it. And, you could argue, that's all it needs to be.

Published on 10 Feb 2021


This new typeface from Hoefler&Co is subtle. What really works is the copywriting coupled with the design. Simple, effective art direction whilst demonstrating the full range of design. Clever.

Published on 09 Feb 2021