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A 'specimen of a glittering multifaceted gemstone font', the specimen is stacked images of example settings and contextual designs. What is notable is the striking colourways, and illustrations outlining this unique typeface's features.

Published on 15 Sep 2020

Universal Sans

This is a bit special. Part specimen, part font-building tool kit, part education. The specimen for Universal Sans walks the user through the creation of a variant of Universal Sans based on a user's preferences of weight, terminals, alternates, numerals etc. Then, the user is provided with options to buy the version they just specified.

Published on 14 Sep 2020

Pacaembú ⚽️

Opening with a full screen type tester, Pacaembú provides the most important tools to the user up front and centre. But the really interesting parts of this specimen follow it. So much interesting design - animations, illustrations, example and example of Pacaembú in use. Fantastic, bold design.

Published on 12 Sep 2020