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Typetogether's specimens are always so detailed, full of useful and detailed information. This specimen for Literata doesn't disappoint. The specimens as type testers work particularly well since they only reveal their controls when a user interacts with them keeping the overall appearance clean and uncluttered with UI controls.

Published on 23 Sep 2020

La Nord

A simple specimen for an interesting typeface. The typeface has some unsettling attributes – the lower case a, the cap M. When set in a paragraph, it gives this uneasy feeling. One has to wonder why that aesthetic wasn't carried through to the specimen. Regardless, this specimen does the job.

Published on 23 Sep 2020


This specimen for Carabelle is a delight. Beautiful illustrations and example designs are stacked around the most simple but effectvie test tester. It would be useful to see some details such as a glyph table and specifics for the alternates and language support instead of indicative illustrations.

Published on 22 Sep 2020