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Irregardless ☠️

Oh no's specimens have been featured here before, but I had to include irregardless for its wonderful design. Checkout the 'containers' weight for some fun backgrounds to overlay text onto.

Published on 23 May 2021

NaN Jaune — See the fonts 👀 Play the game 🎮

Where to start? 'Closed apertures, display for text and text for display, Jaune follows this NaN motto: take a bad idea and do it well, or at least die trying.' Behind the fun exterior, – I mean, a game!? With a leaderboard!' this specimen for Juane has some really great features. The optical size slider is perhaps the most useful here.

Published on 18 May 2021

Oatmeal Sans

Yes, stacked sag graphics but a striking and bold specimen for Oatmeal Sans. Another neo-grotesque, but it has some striking alternates. The specimen only hints at those features, so whilst the graphic design is appealing, it's lacking those evaluative components for a user to explore it.

Published on 17 May 2021