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Right Grotesk

From PangramPangram, the Right Grotesque specimen, unusually, leads with pricing and downloads. Refreshing to see the continuing trends of free licences. The typeface tester is way down in the hierarchy followed by some images from the PDF specimen. Again, I wish these were presented as web fonts.

Published on 10 Jun 2020


A light specimen for a delicate typeface. The unusual part of this specimen is the presentation of the opentype features. Each feature has a little slideout window showing the details of each.

Published on 09 Jun 2020


Process' specimens are clean, simple, and functional. Large, full-width words in the range of weights is followed by a variable font tester just demonstrating one variable axis: weight. A more feature-rich tester is available under the 'try it' navigation option.

Published on 09 Jun 2020