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Futura Now

This specimen from Monotype is like many of the recent specimens from the Studio's releases: templated, and fronted by a bespoke marketing video. One interesting additions, though. The type tester has state changes on resizing the text. As a user moves down the sizes, the names – and associated ranges – change, as does the content of the tester. Nifty.

Published on 06 Oct 2020


A simple specimen that is basically one big typetester and a list of weights set side by side with a lengnthy piece about the design. SImple, but effective.

Published on 02 Oct 2020

La Pontaise

This specimen takes user configurable options to a whole new level. Presenting vertically stacked canvases, with pre-designed settings in each, the specimen allows the user to interact with every element of type. Not only that, they can make small design changes such as alignment, spacing, multicolumns, and even adding images.

Published on 01 Oct 2020