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Termoli Font

Termoli is a contemporary take on the scotch typeface genre. The specimen is an interesting assortment of white on black content elements and type testers.

Published on 04 May 2021


This specimen for Faubourg from Positype follows the increasing trend of 'everything is a type tester' but only having the controls available when the user is interacting with that content which makes things look nicely decluttered the rest of the time. Nice addition of the accompanying glyphs on the glyph preview.

Published on 02 May 2021

GT Maru

Well, Grilli Type do it again. A wonderful, thoughtful micro site for the new font GT Maru. Crammed full of engaging illustrations and animations whilst not distracting from key selling points and features of the new font. It's just so good.

Published on 27 Apr 2021