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Duo Pro

A script with three different styles, the specimen for Duo Pro aims to show these off in simple two tone illustrations as much as possible. Organised as a micro site, rather than the conventional single page, the specimen nicely demonstrates the features of the font.

Published on 09 Sep 2020

Kachi Buwa

This is an interesting specimen. A single type tester demonstrating a variable Japanese font on two axis: contrast, and between 'kiki' and 'bouba'. All visualised through some appropriate mouse-jacking.

Published on 09 Sep 2020

ECAL Typefaces

A single page of stacked type testers with tiny controls. The standout feature of these are the tiny rosettes positioned over typeface features. For example, an 'a' rosette toggles between an alternate lower case a. Nifty.

Published on 09 Sep 2020