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A specimen that takes cursor-jacking to a whole new level! There is much to enjoy in this specimen and, for those who are old enough, you may be reminded of early 2000s web design where experimentation, play, and expression were still high on the medium's agenda.

Published on 25 Sep 2020

Foundry Tiento

A subtle, simple and usable specimen for Tiento. It delivers on the basics, but being such a simple design, there is an elegance there that matches the typeface beautifully.

Published on 24 Sep 2020

( KOMETA ) Victor Serif

Another interesting specimen from Kometa. Notable for it's use of vintage photography combined with starkly contrasting and large type, the specimen moves onto stacked settings that build on the idea of paying homage to the ubiquitous icon of newspaper type.

Published on 24 Sep 2020