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Input: Fonts for Code

Detailed and full-featured type tester for coding font, Input. Mirroring an IDE with sample code, the user is invited to tweak the settings to find the perfect weights, balance, and alternate letterforms just for them.

Published on 12 Jun 2020


LLineto's specimens follow a similar templated approach and closely mimicking a printed specimen. This is all about showing the different weights over titles and long form. What is particularly good is the very detailed technical information at the bottom of the page. Detailed waterfall design patterns with a full glyph table.

Published on 11 Jun 2020

Right Grotesk

From PangramPangram, the Right Grotesque specimen, unusually, leads with pricing and downloads. Refreshing to see the continuing trends of free licences. The typeface tester is way down in the hierarchy followed by some images from the PDF specimen. Again, I wish these were presented as web fonts.

Published on 10 Jun 2020